Housing in Winter & Noise
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I have never raised a bird - only cat & dogs. I would like to purchase 2 Macaws.
First:    I want to build their cage in my bedroom. It would be
H:    7.5’,
W:    10.5’ and
L:    either 7’ or 10’
During the summer I would like to train them so that they could fly free in the park behind my house. But, during the winter (let’s say 5 months) they will be in their cage 24/7.
Is it large enough for them?

Second:  There will be no electrical lighting in the cage and the floor of the cage will likely be slate or some stone that can be easily washed; hopefully I can either put a drain there or a channel to the outside. The walls of the cage will be:
2 normal walls, probably with reed or something covering them,
Bamboo poles separating their area from mine.
And the last wall again is normal but with double French doors leading to the deck; I have another door to the deck as well outside their area.
If I manage to completely black out any light in their cage during my sleeping hours can I count on them being quiet; even if I have the radio on or am on the telephone.

If your answers to the above are positive then I can proceed with the construction of the cage.

Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.

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