Please help the WPT end the trade in wild caught birds
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We need your help to permanently end the trade of wild caught parrots.

In 2001, the World Parrot Trust spearheaded a global campaign to end the importation of wild birds into the European Union. This success has been a triumph for parrot conservation and welfare, already sparing the lives of over 12 million birds.

It was only through the support of parrot lovers like you that this milestone was achieved.

However, there are still countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America where the wild bird trade continues, and this is where we are asking for your assistance once again. With your help, we can save tens of thousands more birds every year.

When you donate between now and January 31, 2009 your donation is matched dollar for dollar, thanks to a generous donor.

Learn more about this important appeal at:

Thanks for having a look and supporting the campaign.

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