Infertile eggs
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My 6 year old african grey parrot laid her 1st batch of eggs (3).  They are infertile and I need to know if I should let her sit on them or remove them.  Does anyone have any experience or advice with this?

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Yes. We prefer to not take the eggs away from first time layers. Every little progress that your greys make is of high importance, that means laying, setting eggs properly to term (hatch date) even though infertile, being fed by male the whole time, getting used to a month in the box, etc. The more experience you give the hen and cock the better will be their bond and their parenting skills in the future. This is why it is good to not open the nest box and bother the pair with human intervention at this stage. Just enjoy the wonderful effort they have made this season and prepare a bit better for courting, copulation, fertilization next season, and you will be rewarded for your patience. You did not say how old the male was? Good luck.  cool smile