He’s not plucking, so why are his feathers gone? :[
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I’ve had my SI Eclectus parrot for over three years now, and all was well up until he started molting for the first time.
He began losing the colorful feathers on his breast and shoulders, and we thought nothing of it an figured it would grow back.
But the feathers never grew back :[

I know he’s not plucking because I am with him almost all the time and he still has all of his little gray down feathers.
I have a picture below.

I didn’t make a big deal out of it for so long because it wasn’t irritating him at all, he just wasn’t growing them back.
His shoulders are sensitive where he lost the feathers but I can touch his front where he’s lost them and he’s fine. No signs of pain or aggravation.

If anyone could please give me any hints as to what’s going on, I’d be grateful :]

Here’s the picture (sorry for bad quality, I took it on my phone):

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The first thing to do it’s to take him to an avian vet straight away and have him checked thoroughly. Blood test panels, PCRs on the most common parrot illness, specially Circovirus ( PBFD).

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He is overpreening/shaving colored feathers most likely. If he is on a dry food diet meaning mostly seed or pellets—get him onto cooked beans rice lentils, sprouted pulses, fruits pips and lots of green veggies stems. Also a vitamin mineral supplement like Nekton helps. Eclectus have sensitive skin and hate dry feeds if given a choice. cool smile