the cloud and other cheap and easy toys
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Hello all

I make this toy called “cloud” for my birds, a quaker, tiels and keets, and the many foster parrots ive had over the last couple years, and they all love it.

You take a regular piece of printer paper, or any paper you want, cut it into thin strips, then use the scissors to curl it, like you would do with gift wrap ribbon.

then join them all together with a paper binder clip and hang from the cage. ive also strung each strip on a string and hung it that way but thats a bit more labor intensive.

the birds absolutely love it. I ussually make up several of them at a time so i have them on hand. It has got to be the cheapest toy ever!!

pics of the cloud:


I also use a hanging cage type thing to stuff with krinkle cut shredded paper, which i get at michaels arts and crafts or walmart for under $2 a bag.


i got that cage from dr fosters and smith online, it was about $10. but a cheaper version is to use a ball cage i found in the rabbit section of petsmart link below.

or even cheaper, is a cat toy i found at petco, i push the toy inside out of the ball and give that to my cat and stuff the ball with krinkle paper and give that to the birds, my quaker likes this one because its big enough to be fun and challenging, but small enough she can pick it up in her foot and throw it around, ive also given it to a grey i petsit for and the tiels. they all use it as a foot toy, but for the keets and lovies i hang it in the cage.

and i buy wooden beads from online and string them on those simple wire and wood perch swings for an added level of fun, the tiels love to chew them to bits while they sit on the swing.


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Good ideas!!  I’ll try these toys to my bird!
Thank you.