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Hello - I am new here and hope for some urgent help. My African Gray has been diagnosed w liver problem and lack of calcium. She is 48 years old and been w me since 1972. I have got medication for her and she has been improving. But today she is sitting heads down, closed eyes and sleeping.
What is wrong and more important what can I do - vet is 1,5 hours from were I am on bumpy roads and weather is very hot 108 F - so anything i can do to avoid going to vet before he can get here in 18 hours when he can visit me then) is of great help. BR/Lars

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Hi LarsN,

Thank you for your post and sorry to hear of the difficulties with your Grey.  Two of our members who cannot access the discussion forum but wanted to assist, had the following suggestions:

“A bird sitting head-down, eyes closed is not a good circumstance. She states she has medication, but doesn’t say what. I would hope this hypocalcemic condition and liver condition were diagnosed by an avian veterinarian. If the diagnosis is correct this bird should have been given an injection of calcium and maybe more to follow and should most likely be on lactulose for the liver condition and a modified diet.”

“I’d create a soothing, calm environment where if the parrots wants to sleep, she does so without unnecessary interruption and in peace. If the parrot wants such ministrations and if this feel natural to both, holding her on a towel on the lap might be good. Whether or not there’s physical contact, settle the thoughts into calm, healing and soothing rhythms. When the parrot is awake, offer her some room-temperature water in a familiar bowl. If she allows, moisten her feet with water, and her face. Keep her as comfortable and hydrated as possible. Model calm healing comfort to her. Give her assurances that help is on the way.”

I hope this is of some help.



Steve Milpacher
Director of Operations
World Parrot Trust

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Hi Steve - and thank your for forwarding the 2 insights from the 2 members.

Diagnosis was done by avian vet. I live in New Delhi, India and no injection was available so we been treating her with medicine instead. I can probably get lactulose - in the mean time she got fresh cheese w she like. What modified diet is recomended (protein and fat free?)

I have followed the sleeping advise and holding her.

Today she is better - and I keep her under observation.

Thnx again!


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Cheese and other dairy products are not good foods for an aged bird with liver function problems. She should be getting low protein foods, lots of greens, some sprouted peas and beans and lentils, etc. brown rice, lightly cooked dahl. But not hard to digest things like seeds and nuts. The more soft and raw and cooked foods the better as they will keep her hydrated and are easier to break down. You can use cuttlebone or calcium mineral block scraped onto her wet foods every meal, but it is slow to absorb compared to a dicalcium phosphate or other liquid calcium supplement. there are several good bitter herbs for liver function and digestion and bile secretion. Any herbalist will be able to offer these to you (human use herbs) just make a weak tea of them and offer it to her in water form. Anise seed, licorice,milk thistle are three usable and benign in scope. You also might offer her fresh chunks of aloe vera leaf as the bitter can stabilize any digestive tract low level infection, will expel roundworms if she has any, and aids in appetite and digestion. You did not say what her main diet each consists of—that is very important to rehab.

Good luck.  cool smile