Question about non-stick frying pans??
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Hi guys, it’s my first time here!! I’m the proud owner of a 1-year-old Blue Headed Pionus named Quincy. My understanding about non-stick frying pans are that they are not good!! So I bought these “Green” non-stick ceramic frying pans which are non-toxic, PTFE and PFOA free. I thought they would be fine but I want to get other people’s opinions about this. I’m finding it hard to tell if they bother Quincy because when I use them, he gets very vocal, but he always seems to get vocal around supper time anyway, so I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or if the pans are bothering him. This issue has been bothering me for a while, please help!!



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Hi Cathy,

Congrats on being the proud new owner of Quincy. Your understanding of non-stick frying pans is correct and something to be careful with now and in the future. Mostly what you need to be concerned with is the fumes that are emitted from these and other pans when they are heated. This is most dangerous with Teflon but can also related to other fumes as well. Best to always make sure that Quincy is well away from the area when you are cooking in an area that has good ventilation.

Chances are that Quincy getting more vocal has more to do with him attempting to attract your attention than with the pans bothering him. Would need to know a lot more about the circumstances behind this behavior but suspect that is what is going on.

Hope this is helpful.



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FYI - This is from DuPont’s website (the manufacturer of Teflon)


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