Temper Tantrums
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Unfortunately, at this point I really don’t know what else to call this.

Prior to moving to this apartment for November 1st of last year, my (then) 3 year old Sun Conure was well behaved. She had her occassional screaming fit… usually because her humans were arguing but mostly to let us know that its morning!

I moved out of my Ex’s place, and brought Maia with me. She was bonded to me, her and my ex barely tolerated each other, though it was a shock for him to be gone altogeather when we got to the new apartment.  At first, Maia would scream upon me leaving the room. Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen - it didn’t matter. Its a small one bedroom apartment, she’s in the big main room, the others are off the opossite wall to her cage.  Slowly, she stopped being upset about me going to the bedroom and to the bathroom… but almost 1 year later she is absolutely furious when I walk into the kitchen. To the point that if she’s already covered up for the night and in her ‘happy hut’ and I go to get a soda she’ll come running out screaming bloody murder and throwing her toys against the door. WHILE UNDER HER SHEET.

I’d like to think that i’ve been excellent about not reappearing until she’s quiet and distracted with something else.  This strategy worked very well for the bathroom/bedroom fits but I was stuck in the kitchen reading a book for over an hour yesterday!

What in the world can I do to stop her from being so upset whenever I go into the kitchen? She alternates every single sound she can make, shakes the heck out of any toy with a bell on it and whips toys against the wall of her cage whenever I go in there.  I’ve always been told that to combat a screaming bird, you ignore it.  What am I doing wrong?

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Hello Kai,

I am not a behavorist, and I will refrain from giving you any advice based on my experiences as in these cases it can be easy to make mistakes that will increase the problems.

My suggestion is to send your question to one of our behavioral experts at http://www.parrots.org/index.php/forumsandexperts/askanexpert/

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