Stolen Blue-fronted Amazon - Spokane, USA
Posted: 10 December 2009 09:14 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Someone broke into a north Spokane bird store overnight and stole a 25-year-old bird. The owner says he doesn’t know why the burglar chose this specific bird.

The pet is a Blue-Fronted Amazon parrot named Leah. She wasn’t the most expensive bird in the store, but her cage may have been the easiest to open. The owner, Mark Settle, says overnight a burglar busted out the glass to the front door and tried to get into two bird cages. Leah was stolen, and both of the cages were damaged.

Settle is worried whoever took the 25-year-old bird won’t be able to properly take care of her, especially in this weather.  Settle says the bird will not live long outdoors, and if the bird is not treated well, it won’t live at all indoors. Settle is trying to get the word out to other pet stores and veterinarians in case someone tries to sell the bird.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Spokane Police Dept. at: (509) 477-5980