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Hi everyone,

I’m looking for to buy 2 birds to first of all be our pets and also to do free flying outdoor. I wold like to have 2 species and not 2 bird from the same species, so here comes my doubt!

I love this 2 guys, the “Maracana” or Illiger ( ) and the Severe macaw ( ). it was this species I’ve choose for me, but I’ve some people who said to me not good things about the Severe. They said the Severe it is very different from the Maracana, as the maracana is very sweet, calm, friendly and a very good personality also be come a really nice pet and good free flying. The Severe in other hand it is very difficult to keep as a good pet as the are nervous, lunatic with a complicated personality al so they can morph into vicious little Pitbulls in one second.

So I would like to hear from who has some experience with this birds if all that is true!!



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While I don’t know much about severes, the Hahn’s ((who is practically a twin just slightly smaller: glob4-3-05.jpg)) is a very sweet little bird. He gets along fairly well with our conure who is a much smaller bird and is always happy to be with me. As a warning/bonus they’re very playful and energetic so make sure you’re okay with a bird that always wants to be involved with everything you’re doing. If you’re worried about getting a severe, but like the color patterns- maybe research a Hahn’s and see if that’s a good alternative.

Always remember though, that every bird’s personality is different and may or may not conform to normal breed standards.