Sudden and unexplainable agression- Help?
Posted: 04 February 2010 06:12 PM   [ Ignore ]
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So not to long ago, my boyfriend and I were forced to move in with his parents due to houseing issues. We brought with us our two parrots, Harvey, an eighteen month old green cheeked macaw, and Milo our eleven month old Hahns Macaw.

Jim’s parents adored our birds and for months the birds would be happy to climb all over them, accepting treats, preening, this that and the other. But Recently, Milo the Hahn’s started getting aggressive towards his mom. Viciously aggressive with bites that break skin. Shortly there after he started being aggressive towards other people too. My boyfriend’s dad and uncle… our friend Dave… but never my boyfriend or myself. With us he’s the same as he’s always been, a little nippy when he’s testing, but usually he’s very sweet and docile.

Now, I know he’s reached sexual maturity now, so I think that may have something to do with it, but if anyone has a better understanding of why, and maybe how to correct it, I’d be really grateful. I don’t want to have to cage him every time we have guests over.