Massive seizure of 1000 African Grey parrots in Cameroon
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As some of you might have heard, 1000 Grey parrots have been seized at the Douala Airport in Cameroon, as they were about to be exported to Kuwait and Bahrain without any CITES permits.

This confiscation came as the result of the investigations of LAGA, an enforcement ngo working with the local authorities.
The parrots were brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, that was still holding 200 Grey parrots coming from a November seizure. The birds have been placed in the ape quarantine enclosures, as it was the only space available at the LWC.

Most of the parrots were in poor shape, exhausted from the lack of food and water. Their health is being evaluated, and the parrots will be divided according to their conditions. The healthy parrots will be released as soon as they will be fit enough.

As you can imagine, this seizure placed a huge pressure on the LWC. We have provided emergency funding, and we received the support of HSUS and Born Free to which we are very grateful.
We are also providing guidance and advice on veterinary issues and general management.

Many of these parrots will likely need a long rehabilitation period before they can be released, and the cost for their care and keeping will be high.
We will be very grateful for any donations to help us help these parrots. Donations can be made here

We will keep you updated.

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