Leg band decoding
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I just got a severe macaw from a pet store and was wondering how to decode his leg band.

SPA FL 98 079

Any info would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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It means:
SPA = Breeder/aviary
FL = Florida
98 = Year of birth - does 1998 sound about right?
079 = ID

Edit: I also did some research later on, and found this page: http://www.pamperedpeeps.com/bandsbreeders.htm
Theres a long list of breeders, and only one fit the leg band’s decoding you mentioned:

SPA (Silver Shady Pines Aviary)
Gloria Balaban
Lake Worth FL

I wouldn’t bet my life, but I have a bell ringing inside my head, that would be the breeder of your bird. smile

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