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Frosty and Friends Exotic Bird Rescue just posted, on Facebook, information about a dire situation involving parrots that needed some kind of quick response (6/27/10): “Anyone in Cleveland area who can help? Guys I need someone’s help tonight. A lady called here in great need. A tree fell on her house and their Macaw and Amazon are trapped inside. She is not there and her husband can’t get them out. Please if anyone in Cleveland can help them, call me TONIGHT at [number deleted in subsequent edit].”

There needs to be some kind of protocol so that people who need quick help for their birds can have access to whoever might be browsing the WPT forums.  In other words, I would suggest a “Look here first” forum or some kind of a setup that would open a separate small window with the relevant information for anyone who is on the WPT site.  This, I’m sure, would be rarely used, but I think you ought to think about it.

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