Parrotlets hatching—- need advice
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Hi folks,

I’m a newbee to the website and need some advice on the care of a pair of parrotlets that have decided to rear a brood of babies.  The parents are 4 yrs old, purchased from a pet store 2 yrs ago.  Last year, they raised one baby together.  This year, the female laid 7 eggs, sat on the nest and the eggs are hatching.  So far, there appears to be at least 4, perhaps 5.  The male is doing his part at feeding the female and maybe the babies, but his diet is more restricted than previously.  For example, raspberries and fresh corn were the overall fruit/vegetable of choice for the pair prior to nesting.  However, now he is no longer selects either, preferring to eat nuts and seeds.  Is this normal? 

I realize the babies require higher protein, but I’m worried that they may not be receiving the proper vitamins and minerals (and the adults as well).  Should I be putting out other foods to increase the variability of the diet?  And if so, which ones?

Also leg-banding?  When, what type, and where do you get leg bands?  The female from last year did not get banded, and as biologists my husband and I felt guilty for not checking out how to properly document the baby.  On the up side, the baby has a lovely new home with a US Customs officer that dotes on little “Sassy.”

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your help.


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