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I was brought up with a Moluccan Cockatoo. This was the most loving bird I have ever known. I am new to Bellingham and I do not know anyone. I am also retired and home all day every day. So I decided to buy myself a parrot. Yesterday I bought an 8yr old African Grey. I have only had her in my home for the last 24 hours. I realize this is not a long time however I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. She is aggressive and won’t let me anywhere near her. Will she ever cuddle me or follow me around the house or step up? She bites and the minute I go near her cage she flies around the room into the closet mirror and then walks back to her cage. I have seen videos on u tube and I have seen some Greys hanging upside down while being held, coming when they are called and cuddling. How long will it take for me to even get near this bird? Does anyone think I will ever have a cuddle bug on my hands? Have I made a huge mistake?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

P.S.  I can not get her to eat. I have tried to give her treats and she will not take them. I know birds will not allow you to see if they are sick. She is grooming and climbing and dancing a little as well as whistling, so I can only assume she is ok. She has also self mutiliated in the past but the feathers are now growing back.

Why oh why is she so mean to me??? I just want to love her! AND…yes I want her to love me!  (smiles)

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Hi Deborah,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the WPT forums. Regarding your questions I suggest that your read the articles on bird behaviour and enrichment in the WPT Reference library, found here ( There you will find well written articles from leading experts who will help you to better understand the efforts you’ll need to take to build a trusting relationship with your parrot.

Please keep in mind that building this trusting relationship will take time. Your parrot is in a completely new environment and it will take a while for her to get comfortable with her surroundings and with you.

Regarding her not wanting to eat, be sure to find out from the previous owner what her favourite food items are and how they were give (bowl, dish, placement, time of day, etc). In my experience, I’ve found parrots to be very habitual in their activities and she will respond best if you find out and work with what habits she has already established.

Hope this is helpful and good luck with your efforts.

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Steve Milpacher
Director of Operations
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