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January 2008 | Issue 5

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Dear Reader,

Happy New Year to everyone -- we're off to a good start. At the end of last year we reported that two groups of confiscated African Grey parrots were being rehabilitated at Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, Africa. Since their rescue, there have been many ups and downs. For more information on this situation read the update below and the upcoming article in the February 2008 issue of PsittaScene Magazine.

Also in Flock Talk this month: a thoughtful article from EB Cravens, our Parrot IQ quiz, our Species Profile on the African Grey parrot and something new: a survey for you to share your thoughts on the Flock Talk enewsletter.

Desi Milpacher, Flock Talk editor

Flock Talk Readers Help Save Confiscated African Grey Parrots

A Job Well Done!

In the last issue of Flock Talk we told our readers about illegally obtained African Grey Parrots being held at Limbe Wildlife Centre. The Trust launched an immediate appeal to help feed, house and rehabilitate these birds.

That appeal has raised, thus far, almost $6000.00US. This is an extraordinary amount raised in a short time, and WPT has all of its supporters to thank.

To date these contributions have enabled the rehabilitation and initial release of 740 birds back into the wild.

Read more for an update on the situation »

African Grey Parrot being released at Limbe Wildlife Centre

Species Profile: African Grey Parrot

Closeup of African Grey

Genus: Psittacus
Species: erithacus
Where found: C and W Africa, S and SE Ivory Coast, N Angola, S Democratic Republic of Congo, NW Tanzania, W Kenya, W Uganda, Principe and Bioko Islands in Gulf of Guinea, Sierra Leone, S Mali
Status: Near-threatened
Wild Population: Not recorded

More information:
WPT African Grey Project »
Grey Parrot Profile »

Questions to Ask When Buying a Parrot

by EB Cravens

A thoughtful article by WPT Expert in Bird Care EB Cravens. EB guides readers through the all-important process of deciding if a parrot -- and the reader -- are prepared to enter a long-term relationship together as pet and keeper.

Questions to Ask When Buying a Parrot (PDF) »

(Best viewed with Adobe Reader 8.1)

Questions when purchasing a parrot

Flock Talk Survey

How Are We Doing?

Here's something new... a survey. Just a millisecond of your time is all we need.

Flock Talk has been in existence since September 2007, a little over 4 months. It's time to find out how our fledgling is progressing. We hope to find out from you how we're doing with our little newsletter, and either jump for joy at our success or slink off into some corner somewhere in shame. Hopefully the former.

Survey will be open until February 28.

Please take a moment to fill out our survey »

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Urgent Appeal for Limbe African Grey Parrots

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Upcoming in February 2008 issue of PsittaScene Magazine:
Austral Conures, Feather Picking, Update on African Greys at Limbe, Taking the Trade Ban to Asia, Meyer's Parrots, Art Hangings for Conservation

Ask An Expert:
E.B. Cravens answers a question about safety for birds in the home
Read his answer »

Year-end round up blog:
Sam Williams, wildlife biologist 
Read his blog »

Children's parrot welfare book:
Mira Tweti's story takes flight
See more about her book »

Parrot Headlines

Fire threatens endangered species' existence »

Call to block housing plan to save habitat of orange-bellied parrot »

Demand for palm oil wiping out rare forest birds »


1. How many different species of Racquet-tailed Parrots are there?

2. Where is the Iris Lorikeet found and what is its status in the wild?

3. The Thick-billed Parrot is currently the only species that is native to North America. There was one other, now extinct. Name the species.

4. Which group of parrots are the smallest (in size) in the world?

5. Name some of the threats to wild Baudin's Black Cockatoos.

6. What supplement do members of the Fig Parrot family require more of in captivity?

Check the answers for December's quiz »


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Picture of Palm Cockatoo, picture of Rose-breasted CockatoosParrots In the Land of Oz: TV Special

From the PBS Series "Nature" Airing January 27

The acclaimed and long-running PBS series "Nature" has produced a beauty, for parrot and scenery lovers alike. Parrots in the Land of Oz takes the viewer on a journey through the drier parts of Australia, where life should seemingly not thrive. But there they are, in all their glory; cockatoos, fig parrots and parakeets living and congregating at waterholes sprinkled throughout Australia.

The cinematography is stunning and personal; delving deeply into the lives of pair-bonded birds and capturing great flocks soaring in waves through the sky. A wonderful hour to spend with the entire family. (Broadcast in North America only.)

More information »

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