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Natural Encounters Inc.

Natural Encounters, Inc. is a US-based company on the cutting edge of animal training and presentation. The direction and goals of the company are to Engage, Inspire, and Empower its audience through the exhibition of animals performing trained natural behaviours, carefully designed dialogue, and tastefully choreographed presentation. In 1998 alone, Natural Encounters, Inc. engaged, inspired and empowered nearly one million people.

Steve Martin, founder and president of Natural Encounters Inc, has been a valued World Parrot Trust partner for years. As part of our Board of Trustees, Steve lends valuable leadership and direction for the future of the Trust. He and his staff have raised funds through their conservation fund (NECF) to support our dedicated funds for Palm Cockatoos and Red-fronted Macaws, to name just a few. They have provided care and housing for our flock of Blue-throated Macaws. This flock may eventually bolster the wild population in Bolivia if captive breeding and release is deemed advisable for this species.

In addition, Steve and his crew have been great advocates of the Trust by spreading the word about parrots and conservation during their free-flight bird shows around the world. Each year they reach hundreds of thousands of people with these important messages and provide an indelible experience with their talented and charismatic birds.