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Hagen Avicultural Research Institute


The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) is located in Rigaud, Quebec, and was established in 1985 to study the captive breeding and maintenance of companion birds. At present, the breeding colony houses over 350 pairs of more than 50 various parrot species. The research fields include disease control, pair bonding, nutrition and the influence of temperature, humidity and light cycles on breeding.

Mark Hagen is the Research Director at The Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI). He has a Master of Agriculture from the University of Guelph and specialized in Psittacine Aviculture. In his Bachelor of Science, Mark concentrated on nutrition and zoology and attended a semester at the University of California, Davis taking courses in cage bird medicine, nutrition and avian science. It has been more than ten years that he has been studying companion birds; writing his first paper on parrot breeding in 1983 and establishing HARI in 1985.  Mark is a firm believer in sharing his experiences and knowledge. He has published dozens of papers relating to the work at HARI i.e. egg incubation, oil and nutrition, formulated diets, husbandry and sanitation disease control, cage design, ventilation, pediatric care… Several of these have been presented at many of the avicultural conferences held every year throughout the USA and Canada.

Conservation is one of his most important concerns. He has been a strong supporter of the Trust for more than 10 years, having served on as a Trustee for its Canadian branch, and has provided financial assistance for important conservation and research efforts.