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Rescue in Cameroon - Confiscated Greys Receive Your Support!

Heroic actions of several wildlife organizations and the generosity of WPT supporters has helped a group of African Grey parrots to get a second chance. But the work is nowhere near done. Many of the parrots still require ongoing help.

Over one thousand parrots seized...

Local authorities were faced with a large problem when shipments of African Grey parrots were seized in two high profile raids at a Cameroon airport. Originally destined for Mexico and parts of the Middle East, the parrots were instead sent to the Limbe Wildlife Centre for rehabilitation. Their arrival placed a hefty burden on the centre's already overworked staff, who turned to the World Parrot Trust for help.

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Call for support...and an immediate response
Thanks to the generosity of WPT supporters, response to the appeal has been swift and strong. Emergency funds were immediately sent and the WPT is currently coordinating veterinary assistance and critical medical supplies to help these birds.

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