Nest management and your support will aid species' long-term success

This beautiful species is under threat and needs your help. In Madera, one of the last remaining breeding areas, Thick-bills nest exclusively in the aspens that are rapidly disappearing. Aspen trees in this area are dying off in great quantity; literally falling all around the parrots, sometimes with active nests. Thick-billed Parrot preservation now relies on efforts to protect their habitat and manage their breeding efforts.

The World Parrot Trust has partnered with Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) to monitor and support wild nests. Long-term aid will focus on developing a habitat reserve, fostering local education initiatives, and encouraging sustainable resource use by local residents.

Quick Facts:
  • Only a few thousand Thick-billed parrots remain in the wild
  • Old growth aspen groves are being lost, affecting nesting site availability and threatening young chicks
  • Monitoring and nesting support are aiding reproductive success
  • Long-term efforts will establish a habitat sanctuary
  • Local communities are being encouraged to use resources in a sustainable manner

Why we need your help?

Thick-billed Parrot populations are declining throughout their range. Your support will help the World Parrot Trust and its Mexican partners to aid the bird's remaining nesting sites, enhance their breeding success, and help to secure important breeding grounds.

Your support can help to ensure the long-term survival of this species.


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Videos and Photos

Watch rarely seen footage of Thick-billed Parrots in the wild and they feed, preen and investigate a nesting hollow.

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