DVD - PollyVision II

Journey to places where the wild parrots dwell with PollyVision II – Parrots of the Americas, our newest DVD and the much-anticipated follow up to our successful first edition.

Wild parrot film footage includes:
  • Thick-billed Parrots
  • Red-fronted and Blue-throated Macaws
  • Amazon parrots, Conures, and more
Made for parrots, you can watch too! Proceeds from DVD sales help save wild parrots.

Experience the joys of flight and enjoy the activities of wild parrots as they socialize, communicate, and soar.


    I received PollyVision II today and was very very impressed...I was sooo surprised to see the footage of all those macaws!!! I love them all, but the macaw is my favorite especially the Red-fronted Macaw and the footage you filmed on them was outstanding!!!

    Nice job to all who were involved in the making of that DVD and if you don't have it yet, its a must!!!


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PollyVision - DVD

Strictly for Parrots!

PollyVision is the first DVD ever intended for an avian audience, carefully edited to capture your bird's interests and attention span.

DVD Features:
  • Wild parrots, many species
  • Length: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Continuous loop plays while you're away

PollyVision invites your parrot to join the flock! Proceeds from each DVD sale will help save parrots.

Our Biggest Seller!
You too may catch yourself mesmerized by wild parrots from around the world going about their business - flying, feeding, preening and carrying on.

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PollyVision DVD

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    "PollyVision is more than parrot's play! It is a privileged glimpse at what parrots do best...If you don't dream of flying, you will! I highly recommend this DVD for parrots and people!"
    S.G. Friedman, PhD - Behaviourist | Utah State University

    "Watching PollyVision with parrots is a new and true joy in parrot/human companionship...we love it!"
    Harry and Phoebe Green Linden | Santa Barbara Bird Farm