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The things we do for parrots

Written by: Sam Williams, PhD

Nov 02, 2015


In the never ending search for maximum effectiveness and efficiency in helping parrots I'd given up caffeine about a year and a half ago. In some ways I’m a terrible Brit I don’t like football, beer or cricket, but Tea, well Tea was...

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The Broad-billed parrot of Mauritius

Written by: Ria Winters

Aug 21, 2015

Bird lovers know the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius mostly because of its famous inhabitant, the Dodo (Raphus cucullatus). This giant flightless pigeon died out in the late seventeen hundreds, in less than a century after man set...

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Returning wild-caught Greys to the wild

Answered by expert: World Parrot Trust - Staff


Once wild caught Greys are iIdentified as such here in the US is there no way to return them to their home? What are the logistics involved?...


At the WPT we often receive questions from individuals who feel that their companion birds might be better off and happier if they were...

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blue quaker biting visitors and son

Answered by expert: Steve Martin & Staff


our quaker parrot eddie is three and a half months old when we first got him he was very gentle with every one although did nibble but not...


Hi Sandy  - I’d be happy to offer some thoughts to consider as you deal with the challenges that you’ve outlined in your question. The kind of...

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