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Expert Questions

Can small children and parrots get along?

Phoebe Green Linden

I just learned that I am pregnant and I am now worried about my Galah having to live a compromised life because of this change in our family situation.  Does it work having children and parrots...

Guidelines for Rearing a Young African Grey

Pamela Clark, CVT

Dear Pam, I am requesting your help with regards to a wonderful baby Grey I have who is now about ten months old. She is a gentle, kind accepting bird and is generally a joy to have. My first...

Helping Two Companion African Greys Acclimate to Each Other

Pamela Clark, CVT

Dear Pam, I am having great difficulty in trying to introduce a new baby African Grey into my home with my two year old Grey. My first AG is very hyper active, constantly leaning forward with wings...


Steve Martin & Staff

My Question: My male military macaw is becoming sexually mature. One odd behavior I’ve noticed is that when I am allopreening him, (I try to avoid any deliberate arousal), he now opens his beak and...

Nesting behavior in a conure

Phoebe Green Linden

Dear Phoebe, We have a 17-year-old female dusky headed conure, Pickle, whom we love very much. She has always been a highly “interactive” bird, craving the company of me (female) and my partner...

Greenwing Screaming

Steve Martin & Staff

Dear Steve, I welcomed Thor, a Green-winged macaw, into my family when he was about 6 months old. As a baby, he was docile and quiet. At around 30 months, he started to become (for lack of a better...

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