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Expert Questions

Stepping up Cockatiel

Steve Martin & Staff

Hi Steve, I bought a hand-reared cockatiel one week ago from a pet shop. They had him sitting on a stand at the entrance to the shop. When I went over to him he started chirping and talking. I...

How can I reduce the tension between my birds?

EB Cravens

We currently have two African Grey parrots, Peaches who is five years old and Vincent who is two (nearly three) years old. Peaches has always been a very laid back bird and never shown any signs of...

Fearful Grey

Steve Martin & Staff

Dear Steve & staff, I know you’re very busy, but I’m hoping you may have time to give your opinion and suggestions to this question. A good friend of mine, Frans, is an experienced bird owner, he...

Plucking Eclectus

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

Our 18 month old Solomon Island Eclectus female is plucking small feathers at what seems to us an alarming rate. She has a large toy in her cage that she likes to “hide” behind. Could this plucking...

Vocalizing Grey

Steve Martin & Staff

We’ve got an African grey male, 1 year & 9 months old - he was hand-fed
from about 8 weeks and we got him when he was 13 weeks old.
He is tame and attached to both of us but since I feed, take care...

Amazon Parrot Behavior

Susan Friedman, PhD & LLP Course Graduates

My Question: Good morning, I have a question about my amazon parrot’s behaviour. He (or she) is a 3 years old yellow crowned amazon, he has always lived with my husband and me, from when he was...

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