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Browse by: Brian Speer, DVM

Expert Questions

Sick Cockatiel

Brian Speer, DVM

I have been taking my 22 year old cockatiel to the vet as about 6 weeks ago I noticed some movement in his wings when he was breathing and he had then drooped. The Vet put the stethoscope on him...

Respiratory disease

Brian Speer, DVM

My question; I noticed my 22 year old cockatiel’s wings are moving up and down when he breathes. There is no wheezing sound or his beak is not open, so I took him for a check-up. The Vet could hear...

Sick blue fronted Amazon parrot in Brazil

Brian Speer, DVM

My 3 yr old female amazon parrot (Amazona aestiva) is presenting health problem and in the Brazilian town where I live there is no an specialist avian vet. From three weeks ago it started with...

Sick Regent Parrot

Brian Speer, DVM

My Question: My regent parrot is sleeping a lot and has his feathers puffed up, also not eating well. I took him to the vet and he examined him, thought he was a bit over-weight and maybe had...

Continuous egg laying

Brian Speer, DVM

My Question:  Hello, I’m very worried about my budgie. For less than a year she’s laying eggs continuously! I’ve tried everything, putting her in a cage only with her daughter, but she mated even...

Lack of regrowth of primary wing feathers

Brian Speer, DVM

Hello Dr.Speer, My regent parrot had his wings clipped when I got him. He is 9 months old now and the primary feathers have grown out on only one wing. I am concerned that they have not grown on...

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