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Expert Questions

Matching Funds for Parrot Conservation

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

Jamie,  I have been studying the Parrot Action Plan, trying to find a way to help the WPT with the small amount that I have to donate.  I have a few questions for you:

1.)  Recently a couple...

Parrot Conservation Graduate Research

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

Hi. I am writing with more of an educational question. I am currently an
undergraduate Biology student and wish to go on for my M.S./PhD. I have a general interest in avian conservation but I would...

Blue Headed Macaw

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

My Question: What facilities breed the Blue Headed Macaw (worldwide), that are CITES approved.


How to get parrot research experience as a student

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

I am currently a biology student and have a great desire to gear my career toward parrot conservation and research. With this in mind, I was wondering what suggestions you had as far as getting...

Cockatoo Companion?

Jamie Gilardi, PhD

I have a 2 year old Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo hen, Perdy . She lives in 35 meter aviary with 15 mixed species or in the house with 2 pet Greys.  I think she needs a companion. Should I look...

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