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Expert Questions

Effects of Capsaicin Cream on Parrots

Glenn Reynolds

I read your article on hot peppers. Since parrots don’t seem to taste the heat, do you think they’d suffer from capsaicin cream? My doctor has prescribed it for me for pain and I’m afraid to...

Nasal flushes in older cockatiel

Brian Speer, DVM

Are there any risks involved in having a nasal flush carried out on a cockatiel of senior age. I am very worried about this procedure, their nostrils look so small compared to the larger parrots....

19 Year old Cockatiel with Breathing Difficulty

Brian Speer, DVM

Why does my 19 year old cockatiel get breathing difficulty when I put him back in the aviary with the other birds. He is fine when I keep him inside with me and he doesn`t even get out of breath...

Dirty Bird

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My Question:
I have a dirty bird (hahaa!). He is an 11 yr old adopted Patagonian Conure named Luther. He stinks. I have two other pattis, and if you’ve ever been around this species much, you will...

Cockatiel breathing problems

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a 19 year old cockatiel and have noticed he opens his beak and I can hear air come from his crop. It`s a bit like hick-ups, and he does this for about 5 minutes. This happens a few times a...

Moluccan cockatoo tumor

Brian Speer, DVM

A friend of mine’s 20-ish yr old Moluccan was just diagnosed with epithelial neoplasia of the humerus. The diagnosis was made by the U. of Davis in CA. Due to the loss of blood and breakdown of the...

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