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Expert Questions

Recovering Military Macaw

Brian Speer, DVM

We are a retired couple living in Mexico for the past 8 years. Six years ago we rescued a Military Macaw that was being kept in very poor conditions. We do not know the age of the bird but we do...

Are Hot Peppers Good for Your Parrot?

Glenn Reynolds

Dear Glenn, I understand you’re something of a red hot chili pepper fanatic - the spicy kind, not the band - and I enjoyed the news story (...

Health questions for a sick lovebird

Brian Speer, DVM

I am extremely worried about one of my masked Lovebirds, Pipsqueak who will be 8 years old on 10th October. Earlier this year she started to breathquickly and deeply but with no real tail bobbing....

Are the Princess Flower (AKA Glory Bush) and Mandevilla toxic to birds?

Glenn Reynolds

Dear Glenn, I’ve got two plants in my yard growing up along my aviary which I can’t find on the “Toxic Plants” or “Safe Plants” lists. Can you help? They are the Princess Flower (AKA Glory Bush)...

Red Fronted Macaw Diet

Brian Speer, DVM

The red front macaw is becoming more and more popular in captivity yet there is little information on them whether it be in books or the internet….I am aware a Hyacinth macaw has a different diet...

Weight fluctuations in an Amazon parrot

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a 28yr old Red Lored Amazon, could be wild caught we don’t know for sure. His weight fluctuates as much as 30-40g per year. Is this normal? He is currently coming off of being hormonal and...

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