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Expert Questions

Spray millet for parrots

EB Cravens

Hi EB, I was just wondering, are millet sprays good for parrots? I have been told by some they are high in fat and bad for my pet, but I recently read a book that said they were low fat and good as...

Testing New Bird

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

If I want to bring another parrot into my home (where I already have two parrots), is there really any risk of that bird having chlamydia/psittacosis if it has been bred in the UK?

Coughing Yellow Crowned Amazon

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a Yellow Crowned Amazon who has been coughing and sneezing for a few months now. I’ve taken her to the vet several times and they’ve given her respiratory therapy and a few shots, but it...

Plumage color in a sun conure

Brian Speer, DVM

One of my sun conures who is 13 years old has yellowing at the tips of his blue flight feathers. Is this a nutritional deficiency? It has been that way for the last several years.

Sick Eclectus Parrot

Brian Speer, DVM

I recently took my 4 year old eclectus parrot to the vet, because he was acting very quiet for a full day and into a second day. The vet noticed some swelling in the ridges in the upper back of the...

Golden conure foot problems

Brian Speer, DVM

I have a problem with a Golden Conure (Guarouba guarouba), her legs and toes are infected with something.They where bleeding. My own vet does not recognize the problem. Have you any idea what the...

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