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Expert Questions

Question about a pet Regent parrot

Brian Speer, DVM

Hello Dr.Speer,I am very worried about my Regent Parrot as, today I noticed he had eaten small bits off the door draft seal. He hasn`t eaten very much of it but I don`t know if these seals are made...

Feather damaging and nare itchiness in a Blue Front Amazon

Brian Speer, DVM

Dr. Speer, Thank You for taking my question. My wife and I have a Blue Front Amazon. She will be turning 3 years old this week. Like most Parrot owners will tell you, she adds so much joy and fun...

Brown Cere

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

My 18 month old cock budgie has developed a brown cere. I have read that this can be an indication of kidney or cancer problems. He is eating well but does seem to be breathing heavily. There is no...

Curly Tail Feathers

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hello!  I have female Plumhead Parakeet. Some of her tail feathers are curvy. She is about a year now. I got her month ago. She seems healthy otherwise. Droppings are normal and she has good...

Sick Cockatiel

Brian Speer, DVM

I have been taking my 22 year old cockatiel to the vet as about 6 weeks ago I noticed some movement in his wings when he was breathing and he had then drooped. The Vet put the stethoscope on him...

Respiratory disease

Brian Speer, DVM

My question; I noticed my 22 year old cockatiel’s wings are moving up and down when he breathes. There is no wheezing sound or his beak is not open, so I took him for a check-up. The Vet could hear...

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