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Expert Questions

Juicer Mulch

Glenn Reynolds

i have a orange winged amazon,my question is about feeding,i use a juicer and wondered if my parrot can eat the mulch left behind,we tried him with the juice but he wont drink it.thanks in advance....

Cockatiel with shortness of breath and sneezing

Brian Speer, DVM

My Question:
my tiel has been sneezing a lot lately and wheezing after exertion, i am so worried about her i hope she hasn’t got aspergillus. twinkle is eating well and her usual loving playful...

Grey parrot with Neurological Signs

Brian Speer, DVM

The video is availabe here

Hello everyone I am Spanish, my English is very basic and I had to use the google translator. We have a Yaco which has about...

H1N1 in pet birds

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

How easy is it for our pet birds to get the h1n1 virus? If so what are the signs?
My thanks, Chris Karpo

Amazon with Changes in Droppings

Brian Speer, DVM

My BF Amazon, 16 years old, has always had normal feces -- solid dark "core", slightly off-white urates, and some "water". His first evacuation of the morning -- a large one -- always has more...

Parrot Parasite

Ellen K. Cook, DVM

Hi, I am a new member, v glad to have found your site. Altho not a parrot owner at present I have long been a fan of these wonderful creatures. In the past I worked for many years with wild bird...

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