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Expert Questions

Outdoor Aviary Dilemma

Glenn Reynolds

My husband and I have adopted a galerita cockatoo, a goffin’s cockatoo and a jandaya conure, all of whom were in various states of disrepair. To provide sunlight and exercise, we are building a...

Toy Making for Cockatiels

Kris Porter

Can you suggest some good—safe—toys one can make for cockatiels? I have purchased many toys from the local pet shop, which are not only expensive but my ‘tiels don’t seem to like them very much. I...

Can I use branches from an orchard for my birds?

EB Cravens

My Question: An apple orchard in our vicinity is being renewed and all the old trees have been cut down and I can get as many branches as I, and the parrots, could wish. But I know that the trees...

Indoor/Outdoor Aviary Design

Jim McKendry

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to ask my question. I live with three large macaws and one small conure. I want to convert my oversized two-car garage to an aviary in order to give my...

Choosing a suitable flock mate

EB Cravens

I acquired a green cheeked conure 11 months ago. He/she is approximately 16 months old, is very active, playful, healthy and seems very well adjusted. I am trying my best to ensure that he gets the...

Palm trees in a conservatory

EB Cravens

Dear Mr Cravens, RE: Phoenix roebelenii - Pygmy Date Palm, Rhapis Excelsa - The Lady Palm

Thank you for your reply regarding safe plants for our conservatory. We have removed the unsafe Sago palm...

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