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Browse by: Jim McKendry

Expert Questions

Training Challenges

Jim McKendry

I have 18 parrots, most of whom have been adopted from a shelter. They all have issues; I have pluckers, biters, etc. Since I have so many, training through positive reinforcement is...

Feather Picking

Jim McKendry

We have two African Grey parrots. Peaches is three years old and Vincent is 11 months old. Both birds have their own cages and a quiet room to sleep in, away from the family. They have an...

Galah behaviour question

Jim McKendry

Hi, Our 15 year old male galah began exhibiting some new behaviors on his own during the past year or so that we are interested in understanding.
1. He often drapes hanging toys over his back.

Biting African Grey Parrot

Jim McKendry

How can I stop my African Grey viciously biting whenever I go near him? He is hand reared but has become very nasty.
Submitted by: Liz Bradford

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