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Browse by: Jim McKendry

Expert Questions

Trick Training & Potty Training

Jim McKendry

Hi Jim can you help me please with my African Grey Parrot. His name is Jack. I need to potty train him and to do tricks. He is hand tame. Can you help?
Thankyou, Keith.

Relationship Building with Orange-winged Amazons

Jim McKendry

Dear Jim, I want to hand or stick train an aviary bird. I have taken in a pair of Orange-winged Amazons (Amazona amazonica) aged five - captive bred previously kept in 9-foot aviary and never...

Co-housing African Greys

Jim McKendry

Can you tell me if these myths are true or not:
We have 2 African greys, Rangi who is 1 year and Kea who is 5 months. We only got Kea a month ago as a companion for Rangi. They have separate cages...

Attempting Harness Use with a Fearful Galah

Jim McKendry

Hi, I have just bought a Galah, she is only 9 months old and I have had her for 2 months. The previous owner found her too much to put up with as they had an African Grey as well. I have found her...

Keeping Parrots Together or By Themselves

Jim McKendry

How important is it for parrots to be kept together or by themselves? I have owned several parrots over the years and found that some get along great, whereas other do not. I am convinced that a...

Unweaned African Grey

Jim McKendry

I am from Bucharest/Romania and I have a baby African Grey Parrot that is 17 weeks old. Without knowing I bought him unweaned so I feed him once a day. My problem is that I can’t get him back...

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