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Is the fuchsia plant safe for my parrot?

Expert Question

I would like to know if the fuchsia plants are safe to give to my parrot. And if so what part of the plant.

Expert Answer

Thank you for writing. A great place to start is the article found under our Reference Library (Learn > Reference Library > Health and Nutrition articles) in the article titled Common Household Poisons. It contains a list of toxic products commonly found in households, and includes a list of plants that are known to be toxic for parrots, compiled from reputable sources.

The Fucsia plant does not occur on this list, nor were we able to locate it (in any variety) on the list of Plants Poisonous to Livestock and other Animals at the Cornell University website.

However, we were also unable to find a (reputable) source listing it as safe, so it is at your discretion whether you wish to introduce it to your parrots or not. Remember: just because it is absent from the toxic list doesn't mean it is safe.

All best,
World Parrot Trust staff

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