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  • Why are parrots suffering?

    Each year, thousands of parrots face harrowing circumstances, whether they are confiscated from trappers or neglected and abandoned.

    Many do not survive.
    Those that do face uncertain futures.

    More and more, WPT works with partners to care for groups of parrots caught in limbo with no clear future. The birds need support for their recoveries, and plans for the rest of their lives.

    There are reasons for hope...arrow_downward

2017 - An incredible year of change

  • Bolivia
    A new center was launched to rehabilitate thousands of wild-caught parrots intercepted from illegal trade in Bolivia each year.
  • Macaws in the United Kingdom
    Over 175 macaws were rescued from appalling conditions and will now live out their days with healthy food, veterinary care and spacious flights.
  • Greys in France
    Dozens of wild-caught Grey Parrots confiscated from illegal trade now being rehabilitated, with the hope they can be released back into the wild.
  • Thanks to your dedicated support, the World Parrot Trust and in-country collaborators have been making a change in the lives of imperiled parrots.


Thanks to you,
we are able to ensure
parrots HAVE a future!

There is still much more to do... arrow_downward

Efforts continue around the world.
Your gift provides:

  • Emergency veterinary care for confiscated birds.

  • Life-saving supplies and infrastructure for rehabilitation centers.

  • Help for wildlife authorities to better manage confiscations.

  • Your Gift of Hope...

    JAN 31 UPDATE: Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated! Your outstanding generosity is already making a huge difference to the welfare and conservation of parrots all over the world.

    The funds raised will go far, but there's still a lot of work to be done to protect parrots from persecution and neglect.

    If you've already donated, we thank you! If not, we hope you’ll consider giving today.

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