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  • Blue-fronted Amazons


    These Blue-fronted Amazons (Amazona aestiva) were harvested in 2005 for the EU market. Thanks to the permanent trade ban adopted by the EU in the summer of 2007 international trade in this species has been eliminated.

    Blue-fronted Amazons
  • Confiscated Grey Parrots


    These Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) were confiscated at Nairobi Airport in the summer of 2009. They are currently being rehabilitated for eventual release to the wild.

    Confiscated Grey Parrots
  • Cage construction


    Cage construction underway to house several hundred Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) confiscated in December 2007. Funding for the facilities was made possible by supporters who responded to an emergency appeal from the World Parrot Trust.

    Cage construction
  • Wing feather repair


    A World Parrot Trust sponsored veterinarian repairs the wing feathers of an injured Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) to assist in the bird's rehabilitation and release. Cameroon, spring 2008.

    Wing feather repair
  • Outdoor enclosure exploration


    A group of Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) explore their new outdoor enclosure prior to release. Cameroon, spring 2008

    Outdoor enclosure exploration
  • Unfortunate parakeet


    This unfortunate bird is one found in the wild bird trade in Nepal. The World Parrot Trust and its partner, Bird Conservation Nepal, are conducting a 4-month study to learn more about this trade, and working to end it.

    Unfortunate parakeet
  • Roadside vendors


    These birds (likely Psittacula sp.) are kept in a cramped container. The World Parrot Trust and its partners are working to end this trade.

    Roadside vendors
  • Final staging


    Holding cages used as a final staging area prior to release Macaws, Amazon Parrots, and Conures. Rescue, rehabilitation and release completed by Associação Bichos da Mata. Brazil, October 2009

    Final staging
  • Awaiting release


    Two Blue and Gold Macaws (Ara ararauna) await their release to the wild. Rescue, rehabilitation and release completed by WPT partner - Associação Bichos da Mata. Brazil, October 2009

    Awaiting release
  • Temporary housing


    A group of rehabilitated macaws housed in a temporary aviary prior to their release to the wild in the fall of 2009. Brazil 2009

    Temporary housing
  • Day of release


    On the day of release these macaws cautiously explore their new surroundings outside of their temporary cage. Rescue, rehabilitation and release completed by WPT partner - Associação Bichos da Mata. Brazil, October 2009

    Day of release
  • Roosting tree


    Shortly before dusk this macaw explores a suitable roosting tree - the first time this bird has returned to the wild after several years of rehabilitation.

    Roosting tree
  • Grey Parrot release


    Limbe staff hoist a carrier holding Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) to the release site. 900 Grey Parrots were released over several months in 2007 and 2008.

    Grey parrot release
  • Release in Cameroon


    One of over 900 Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) released in Cameroon after spending several months in rehabilitation to re-grow injured flight feathers. Summer 2008

    Release in Cameroon
  • Returning to the wild


    Group of Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) returned to the wild in the spring of 2008.

    Returning to the wild
  • Temporary field station


    WPT-sponsored veterinarian, volunteers and staff from the Limbe Primate Center set up a temporary field station to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate over 900 African Grey parrots confiscated in an illegal shipment in December of 2007.

    Temporary field station
  • Asian bird market


    Street vendors selling young parakeets (Psittacula sp.) in Asian bird market. This legal activity persists to this day.

    Asian bird market
  • Illegal bird vendor in India


    A young bird dealer is selling parakeets (Psittacula sp.) in a bird market in SE Asia. The World Parrot Trust and its partners are working to end the wild bird trade in the remaining countries where it is found.

    Illegal bird vendor in India
  • ProFauna rally


    This rally was staged by WPT partner ProFauna Indonesia to draw attention to the plight of parrots and the wild caught bird trade.

    ProFauna rally
  • Learning about wild parrots


    5th and 6th graders with researchers from New Mexico State University standing in front of a mural of Yellow-naped Amazons (Amazona auropalliata) painted on the walls at their school in Costa Rica. The children learn about the parrots and why they should not be collected from the wild.

    Learning about wild parrots
  • Scarlet Macaw rehabilitation


    One of the beautiful Scarlet Macaws (Ara macao) being rehabilitated by WPT partner ARCAS. The most recent release of these birds occurred in late November 2009.

    Scarlet Macaw rehabilitation
  • Observed in the wild

    TinySlideshow/photos/Frente rojo con fruta.jpg

    Recently-released Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) seen feeding on wild fruits of the area.

    Observed in the wild
  • Entering Tikal

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 015.jpg

    Entering the famed Mayan ruins of Tikal. The release site was roughly 50 miles north of Tikal in Rio Azul.

    Entering Tikal
  • Release site

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 018.jpg

    The release site was only (and just barely) accessible by specially outfitted 4X4 trucks.

    Release site
  • Recently-released parrots observed

    TinySlideshow/photos/Frente rojo tomando agua.jpg

    Recently-released parrots seen drinking water from bromelias and other epiphytes, a good sign.

    Recently-released parrots observed
  • Teaching a new generation

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 027.jpg

    Wildlife releases are great educational tools, and ARCAS staff made several stops along the way to Rio Azul to teach locals about the destructiveness of the illegal pet trade. Here, a child from the hunting village of Uaxactun tries to make sense of the fact that we were actually returning animals to the forest rather than extracting them.

    Teaching a new generation
  • Red-lored Amazon observed in the wild

    TinySlideshow/photos/Frente rojo en arbol.jpg

    Recently-released Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) seen feeding on wild fruits of the area.

    Red-lored Amazon observed in the wild
  • Untouched forests

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 044.jpg

    Rio Azul is one of the few places in this overcrowded country were you can look out across tracts of untouched forest with no signs of man: no cell phone towers; no roads; no wisps of smoke.

    Untouched forests
  • Firetower

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 059.jpg

    The ladder up to the firetower from which the parrots were released.

  • Cage assembly

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 066.jpg

    Assembling the release cage. The cage was hoisted into the crown of the trees and the parrots were released from there.

    Cage assembly
  • Parrot transfer

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 089.jpg

    Transferring the parrots from the transport to the release cage.

    Parrot transfer
  • Release cage

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 094.jpg

    Parrots in the release cage ready to be hoisted into the trees.

    Release cage
  • Recently-released parrots observed

    TinySlideshow/photos/LiberacionLoros30-11-09RioAzul 248.jpg

    Recently-released parrots seen drinking water from bromelias and other epiphytes, a good sign.

    Recently-released parrots observed
  • Freedom realized


    Recently-released Red-lored Amazon (Amazona autumnalis) looks out over the Rio Azul, an area containing tracts of untouched forest.

    Freedom realized

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