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Stay up-to-date on the work being done to rescue, rehabilitate and release individual birds caught in the trade.

Field Updates

Confiscated Blue-fronted Amazons to be Released (Brazil)
With the help of World Parrot Trust-Brazil and other Brazilian partners, SOS Fauna will be releasing over 60 Blue-fronted Amazons (Amazona aestiva) back to the wild in the savannahs of Mato Grosso do Sul.

54 White-eyed Parakeets Confiscated (Ecuador)
Staff of Fundación Jambelí received notification from personnel of the Department of Natural Patrimony of the Ministry of the Environment, of the confiscation of 54 chicks of white-eyed parakeets (Aratinga leucophthalma).

200 Confiscated Greys Released Back Into Wild (Uganda)
After months of recovery, over 200 African Greys seized from smugglers were finally released back into the wild in western Uganda's Kibale National Park.

Birds Perish as Ownership Row Rages (South Africa) (PDF release)
(Saturday Star, South Africa) -- Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) stalling a pioneering project that would return a company of wild-caught African Grey parrots, smuggled into South Africa, to their natural forest habitat.

132 Grey Parrots Confiscated in Uganda (Uganda)
(CNN) -- Over 130 rare African parrots were seized near midnight Monday from a woman officials say was smuggling the valuable birds from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda, a frequent jumping-off point for lucrative European and Asian markets.

300+ Amazon Chicks Rescued from Wildlife Traffickers (Brazil)
Police and Wildlife Officers Confiscate Parrots in Two Raids. WPT provides support for rearing formula and release aviaries through through its FlyFree program.

700 More Confiscated Greys (Cameroon - Africa)
Cameroon's Ministry of Foresty and Wildlife (MINFOF) and the Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA), in a joint operation, have rescued about 700 Grey parrots bound for Nigeria. WPT sends emergency funds through FlyFree program.

Congo 500 Parrots Seized - Again! (DRC - Africa)
Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo's seizure of over 490 African Grey parrots from a sanctuary with the intention of returning the birds to the original animal dealer.

Congo 500 - Update (DRC - Africa) (PDF release)
International aid rallies to support the rescue and rehabilitation of 500 African Grey parrots recently seized from trade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Confiscated and Released: 27 Parrots in Maluku (Indonesia)
Forestry Officers confiscate 27 Chattering lories (Lorius garrulus) from Indonesian dealer. WPT sends funding to support confiscation rescue and release efforts through FlyFree program.

Bird Trade in Brazil: Back to Nature (Brazil)
(PDF document)
FlyFree assists with rescue and release program in southern Brazil

Confiscation of Alexandrine Parakeet Chicks (Ahmedabad, India)
WPT helps with funding to support rehabilitation

Parrots Released (Cameroon)
Release continues for parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport.

African Grey Parrots, the Illegal Trade Continues (Cameroon)
Another 1,000 African grey parrots were confiscated at Douala Airport and brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon.

Parrots Released (Cameroon)
First 49 parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport released into a community forest.

Parrots Counted: 503! (Cameroon)
Parrots confiscated at the Douala Airport counted, selected and treated. Many more parrots than first estimated.

Massive Confiscation of 300 African Grey Parrots (Cameroon)
Hundreds of parrots were rescued and transferred to the Limbe Wildlife Centre. They were confiscated at the Douala Airport, where they were kept prior to shipment out of the country. The illegal animal dealer has fled. The parrots were sitting in 10 crates, covered with lice, without food or water.

80 Parrots released in Mayan Biosphere (Guatemala)
After two years of rehabilitation, 80 parrots were recently returned to the wild in the Rio Azul-Mirador National Park in northern Guatemala.

One Year Sentence for Indonesian Parrot Trader (Indonesia)
The East Java Police Department with the assistances of ProFauna Indonesia, have conducted three successful parrot confiscation operations in May, June, and October 2009.

35 Grey Parrots Confiscated at Nairobi Airport (Kenya)
Shipment of 35 Grey Parrots, flying from Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United Arab Emirates, confiscated at Nairobi Airport and placed in quarantine by the Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS).

Press Releases

Emergency Funds Sent To Aid Confiscated Congo Parrots (PDF Release)
International groups rally to aid 500 African Grey parrots seized by government officials in first crackdown of illegal parrot trade.

Parrot Charity Rushes to Send Emergency Aid for Largest Group of Confiscated Parrots (PDF Release)
The World Parrot Trust (WPT) has sent emergency funds to aid in the treatment and housing of the largest group of illegally trapped Grey Parrots ever seized in the country of Cameroon.

Global Coalition Formed to Fight Wild Caught Parrot Trade (PDF Release)
The World Parrot Trust (WPT) announced today the launch of the FlyFree Campaign, an international alliance of animal welfare and conservation groups working together to halt the unsustainable trade in wild caught parrots - a first in the global effort to save parrots, one of the most endangered groups of birds on the planet.

One Million Parrots Flying Free (PDF Release)
Conservation and animal welfare groups support the European Commission's decision to extend the ban on commercial wild bird imports until 31 May 2006.

Flu in Parrot Imported to the UK Causes Experts to Call for Action to Protect Public and Birds (PDF Release)
A group of leading bird experts and animal welfare organizations urged the EU to take immediate action to reduce the risk of further avian flu outbreaks in Europe.

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