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Parrot Bloggers
Personal online journals of parrot
specialists from around the world.

Karen McGovern


Parrot Blogger: Karen McGovern | Oct 10, 2006

It’s 3:00 am, and I’m feeding one of the rarest Amazon parrots in the world.  He’s tiny, nearly naked and could rest comfortably in the bowl of a teaspoon.  Perhaps it’s the lack of sleep on my part from feeding these newborn creatures every 90 minutes around the clock that causes me to ponder the...

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Toa Kyle

Three’s a crowd

Parrot Blogger: Toa Kyle | Sep 28, 2006

I’m back for a quick stopover in town.  Things are proceeding well in the field.  We’ve now got three active nests and another five that are being guarded.  Our first nest with chicks is one to remember.  When I first climbed it to perform health checks for the nestlings I was surprised to find...

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Toa Kyle

First active nest

Parrot Blogger: Toa Kyle | Sep 13, 2006

Good news.  We’ve got our first active nests of the season already.  One is a palm snag I climbed the other day to put in a drain hole.  The nest has an open crown (ie. no roof) and is thus prone to flooding.  Last year we lost at least three nests due to flooding during the incubation stage so...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Introductory Entry

Parrot Blogger: Rebecca K. O'Connor | Sep 12, 2006

Welcome readers! I’m really excited to be a part of the World Parrot Trust blogging family. WPT does great work and the parrots surely need our assistance. It’s wonderful to have this opportunity to share my rantings and show my support.

As a falconer, I’ve been blogging the trials and...

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