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Bird Strikes. What next?!

Mira Tweti | Feb 05, 2009


Nothing has irked so much in the last two weeks as the constant reference to a "bird strike" as the reason the US Airways planet was forced to land in the Hudson river on 1/15. As if a bird could strike a plane. The plane collided with the birds is what happened and perhaps if there was more precise radar on board the birds could be avoided. Easier for the planet to avoid them than the millions of birds in the air to avoid the planes. Not only does "bird strike" ring of intention (as if the birds went out of their way to strike the plane) but it's ridiculous because a bird could no more strike a plane than a flea could strike a water tower.

The problem is, it puts birds in a bad light. As if something needs to be done about them to ensure the safety of machines that are invading the birds airspace. It's a real problem alright and one the airlines need to solve in a more politically correct, morally correct and cosmically correct way than to blame and otherwise disparage innocent birds.