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Behaviour and Training

Eva Sargent

Are Macaws Good Talkers?

Parrot Blogger: Eva Sargent | May 19, 2008

The plethora of conflicting information about parrots extends to talking—macaws are very good talkers, or very poor talkers, or not as good as amazons or a little better than amazons.  Hopefully all this ambiguity in the literature and on the web reflects individual differences, rather than...

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Eva Sargent

Welcomes, introductions, and explanations

Parrot Blogger: Eva Sargent | May 14, 2008

Welcome to my first blog entry, wherein I explain how I got mixed up in this parrot business, and about the perplexing and somewhat intimidating alien who lives in my house now.  If you've read my bio, you've got the short version - long time conservationist, working for Defenders of Wildlife in...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Getting Bit Is Just Part of Caring for Parrots, Right?

Parrot Blogger: Rebecca K. O'Connor | Feb 11, 2008


There are many reasons that a parrot might bite. Some may not be as predictable or make as much sense to us as others, but the one thing you can count on is that repetitive biting is rewarding to the parrot somehow. This means that parrots bite because it gets them something they want. It...

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Rebecca K. O'Connor

Desensitizing - Isn’t that what’s happening with violence on TV?

Parrot Blogger: Rebecca K. O'Connor | Aug 15, 2007

Or was it violins on TV that we're being desensitized to? Either way, desensitizing can be a good plan for your bird.  Taking care to note a bird's discomfort with a new toy and helping him slowly overcome that discomfort and gain confidence can go a long way toward encouraging play. It is very...

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