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Ria Winters

Portrait of Hawk-headed Parrots

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | Feb 27, 2009

The first time I saw Hawk-headed parrots, which is about ten years ago, I was surprised by their appearance. They looked very different from all other parrots I had ever seen. It almost looked like their heads did not fit with the rest of their body. But the colours of the crest and the almost...

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Charlie Moores

An Introductory post from a new WPT blogger

Parrot Blogger: Charlie Moores | Feb 17, 2009

To start with the ‘who’: my name is Charlie Moores, I live in the UK, I’m forty-something (for a couple of more years anyway), and I’m an obsessive bird blogger who spends more time at the computer then can possibly be healthy (as my atrophying muscles are starting to remind me). I started my own...

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Mira Tweti

Bird Strikes. What next?!

Parrot Blogger: Mira Tweti | Feb 05, 2009

Nothing has irked so much in the last two weeks as the constant reference to a "bird strike" as the reason the US Airways planet was forced to land in the Hudson river on 1/15. As if a bird could strike a plane. The plane collided with the birds is what happened and perhaps if there was more...

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Ria Winters

Rodrigues Parakeet

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | Jan 04, 2009

My first new year blog is about the Rodrigues Parakeet, also called Newton’s Parakeet or Exiled Ring-Necked Parakeet, Latin name: Psittacula exsul. It is an extinct species endemic to the forests of the island of Rodrigues which is the third Mascarene Island besides Mauritius and Reunion.

It was...

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