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Ria Winters

The Cuban Macaw

Parrot Blogger: Ria Winters | May 26, 2013

So now and then I try to bring extinct parrots back to life with my paintings.

This effort is of the Cuban Macaw -- Ara tricolor -- that disappeared in the 19th century.

This beautiful orange-blue-and-brown coloured member of  the Ara genus lived in the damp forests of West and Central Cuba. It...

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Evet Loewen

Red Bellied Macaw Chronicles Part 6 - Feather Studies

Parrot Blogger: Evet Loewen | Apr 24, 2013

Of any of my birds, the Red Bellied Macaws have always drawn the greatest interest from their caretakers and the treating veterinarians and staff. It is their subtle and elegant appearance that first attracts people to them. As one gets to know them, it is their amiable nature, sans the drama of...

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Evet Loewen

Red Bellied Macaw Chronicles Part 5: Sophia Gets Her Health Check

Parrot Blogger: Evet Loewen | Apr 10, 2013

The acquisition of my severe macaw, Pepper, had taught me the importance of getting an avian veterinarian to check any new birds to be introduced into the flock at the earliest possible time.  So, at least I was educable in that sphere!


By the year 2000, my avian veterinary clinic was For the...

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Evet Loewen

Red Bellied Macaw Chronicles Part 4: Jake

Parrot Blogger: Evet Loewen | Mar 10, 2013

The First Red Bellied Macaw is the Best, Until One Gets the Next One or Two, That Is

Orthopsittica manilata were uncommon in 2000, eight years after the Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992 was in effect.  Howard Voren's article on the difficulties of formulating a diet for this species was on the...

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