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First Week

Peter Cowen | Jun 14, 2008


After a long journey up the Rio Tambopata, i eventually arrived at my home for the next six weeks, the Refugio Amazonas Lodge! All along the river i can hear the calls of Scarlet Macaws, Chestnut Fronted Macaws and Cobalt Winged Parakeets greeting me on my arrival! The river is long and meandering with a number of lodges on the way!

Mi casa is a scary looking hut a fair distance from any human life! After hearing a Giant Armadillo skulking around i awoke on my first full day at 4am to venture out for a foraging walk where i encountered a number of parrots e.g. Mealy Parrots and a group of feeding Black Capped Parakeets! The overall walk lasted for several hours and covered approx 12km my feet did well to carry me! So that was the first day, was this to be similar for the rest of my stay?

I´m afraid not as the next few days were dogged by rain which shocked me as during my last adventure it rained very little, as it is the dry season! However, today i have just completed another foraging walk as the sun is now shining, for now! The perfect weather to spot some wildlife! Hopefully i will have some pictures to show with my next update!

Adios for now!