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Foster…make a difference!

Rebecca K. O'Connor | Apr 25, 2007


As you readers know from my introduction, I’m a parrot behaviourist, but really, I train people. Mostly, the parrots are just fine. However, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally help a parrot learn some of the behaviours that people prefer parrots engage in or avoid in their homes.

I have a relationship with an organization called Parrots First in Los Angeles, CA. I have three parrots of my own, but when it’s not falconry season (and there’s no falcons in the house), there’s room for an extra parrot. So I foster whenever I can. Yesterday, I brought home a lovely yellow-collared macaw who is absolutely terrified of hands. I’m hoping I can share the journey of prepping this little guy for his forever home. He will hopefully learn to step up, go into a crate, eat fruits and vegetables and he’s already very quiet, so I will make sure I reinforce this fantastic behavior! Then let’s cross our fingers that he will find a fantastic home withe a family who already know or are willing to learn how to keep him healthy and well-adjusted throughout his whole life.

Parrots aren’t difficult to train. They are simply very different from the domestic animals in our homes. Parrots have different needs from domestic animals and therefore have different responses to situations in our homes. I hope you’ll join me for Tao’s journey and cheer us on.