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Nikki Buxton

Nikki Buxton

There goes another year

Dec 31, 2009

As you may have seen on my 'other blog' the eagerly anticipated leg bands shipped down by Dr Gilardi have arrived. I have to confess, we have done no more than band Chili as yet - which by and large was a success. She worried it for a few hours and then left it alone for the most part. The next...

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Nikki Buxton

Revelations and Visitations

Dec 05, 2009

Well, quick on the uptake as always, I have realised that the Bibi-Michael hate campaign is actually my fault.

The spot where I serve and wash up is right next to Michael's corner. And parrots being parrots, my presence usually draws quite a crowd. Front row centre aisle is always Nigel: a very...

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Nikki Buxton

Hormones and new feathers

Nov 08, 2009

We've been having fun recently with some hormonal episodes from Bibi - a two-year old red lored.  A couple of weeks ago he suddenly decided he no longer liked two of our older red lored residents, Michael and Iran: formerly known as "Bibi's Good Friends Michael & Iran".

All three used to hang out...

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Nikki Buxton

Introductions All Round

Nov 02, 2009

My partner Jerry & I run an avian rescue centre in Belize, and over the years have become more and more focused on parrot rehabilitation and release. The local pet trade is a serious threat to the country's 9 resident species of Amazon, and although we don't imagine we could ever bring it to a...

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