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The First Entry!

Peter Cowen | Jun 06, 2008


My name is Peter Cowen and this is my blog which will hopefully document the journey of undertaking and writing up a project for my Master of Science in Conservation Biology.

The aim of my project is to study the foraging behaviour of a rich macaw population in Tambopata, Peru. I’ll be working in conjunction with the Tambopata Macaw Project. However, this is not the first time i have worked for the project. Only two years ago i spent many an early morning up a canopy tower watching the birds fly by!

I am currently writing this entry in Cuzco, Peru, which after a tiring journey i eventually arrived. The start of my adventure in the jungle is the 9th June so check back regularly. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting stories and may even have had a few sightings of the elusive Blue Headed Macaw.