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Charles Munn

Charles Munn

Charles Munn III, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Charles Munn was a Conservation Zoologist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, New York, from 1986 until 2000. During this time he became renowned worldwide for his work with macaws in the Peruvian Amazon. He has helped to create parks that have protected 12 million acres of rainforest, cloud forest, Andean grasslands and lowland savannahs in south-eastern Peru and adjacent Bolivia.

The conservation groups he started in Peru and Brazil have purchased more than 20,000 acres of important rainforest areas for wildlife conservation. In 1994 he was named by Time Magazine as one of 100 young leaders for the new millennium. In 1995 he won the Top in Ecology prize from the Brazilian Association of Sales and Marketing, and has been responsible for developing various eco-tourism lodges and opportunities in Peru.

He is currently Chairman of the Board of Tropical Nature Inc. In 1990 he recorded indigenous knowledge of the locations of 30 major clay licks used by parrots and macaws in the Peruvian Amazon. Prior to this work, only the clay lick in Manu was known to science. In 1999 he co-authored a scientific paper with Dr. James Gilardi on the function of clay-eating in parrots. The results suggested that parrots are able to detoxify the food they eat by consuming clay, thus enabling them to exploit a wider variety of food sources.