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PsittaScene Magazine

PsittaScene is the quarterly magazine published by the World Parrot Trust. Members receive a printed copy delivered as part of their subscription by post, and we make an electronic version available online.

Each issue has regular updates on the work being carried out by the WPT, along with reports from the field. The magazine also covers topics relating to bird behaviour in captivity, helping parrot owners to understand their complex companions.

In each issue you will find:

  • Stunning never-seen-before images
  • Exciting field updates about wild parrots
  • Interviews with the biologists, veterinarians and world class avian care specialists
  • Important parrot news from around the world
  • Inspirational travel ideas, and much more...

When you join the WPT you will receive a new issue via postal mail quarterly, and gain access to more than 30 years of archives online.

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Submitting an Article

WPT will consider publishing articles based on their merits. Please review the Guide for Contributors for full details.
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Past Issues

August 1993

August 1993

Volume 5.3 (no. 16)

  •  Trust Vet Assists Survival of Echo Parakeet
  •  Status and Conservation of Parrots in Tonga
  •  Parrot Conservation - politics, poverty, deforestation...
  •  Stop the Trade in Parrot Chicks
  •  Research and Breeding - Reports from Bird Intl Inc, Philippines
  •  Intl News Round Up
  •  The Value of Enrichment
  •  WPT Gallery of Endangered Parrots
  •  Letters to the Editor
  •  Parrots in the Wild - Blue-throated Macaw

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May 1993

May 1993

Volume 5.2 (no. 15)

  • Trust secures release of captive Goffin's Cockatoos on Tanimbar
  • The WPT Benelux Parrot Symposium
  • Conserving the Red-vented Cockatoo
  • A Palm for a Parrot - A progress report on Lear's Macaws
  • The World of Parrots - how does it look today?
  • Intl News Round Up
  • If I could keep only one pair of parrots
  • Book review Lexicon of Parrots, part IV
  • WPT Gallery of Endangered Parrots - Red-tailed Amazon
  • Parrots in the Wild - Scarlet Macaw

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February 1993

February 1993

Volume 5.1 (no. 14)

  •  The Blue Macaw Conference
  •  Conservation of the Lear's Macaw - management
  •  Recent Observations of the Lear's Macaw
  •  Breeding a Lutino Mutation of the Roseate Cockatoo
  •  Letters to the editor
  •  Intl News Round Up
  •  Report of Visit to Paraguay Oct 92
  •  Goffin's still captive in Indonesia

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November 1992

November 1992

Volume 4.4 (no. 13)

  • Progress in Parrot Conservation
  • Infectious Disease Risks to Parrot Aviculture and Reintroduction
  • Conservation of the Echo Parakeet
  • Intl News Round Up
  • Give your friends a Palms for a Parrot
  • WPT League table of endangered species

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